Landlord Services


RES has more than a decade of experience working with landlords throughout New York City.  Whether you are a single building owner or an institution which owns many properties throughout the city, we can help you accomplish your goals.  We are exclusively focused on helping landlords in the New York City area, and know the ins and outs of the local market, in a way that other firms simply do not.

The depth of our knowledge of the New York City market, our dedicated professional approach, and our firmly established relationships will always provide your company with a competitive advantage.

We know the work that goes into marketing your space, and are constantly striving to improve our ability to help you accomplish your goals by implementing the newest tools and strategies in the marketplace.  We also provide you expert analysis about your property and how it fits into the market at large, helping you make the important decisions about leasing your property.  Your lease will always be vetted by the principals of our company.  We know how important this is to you, and are here to help.

RES provides our Landlord clients:

  • Expert market and lease analysisA proven marketing system which immediately gets your property in front of the right people
  • A customized plan for each of your properties which is tailored to your needs
  • A high level of attention for each property, which allows for immediate repositioning if dictated by a change in market factors
  • Active prospecting for qualified tenants

Retail Leasing

New York City is arguably the retail capital of the world.  It’s a universally admired retail shopping destination, which creates a high demand for space.  This demand for premium space ensures prices on retail leases stay high.  The prices mean high stakes – and we know that experienced, expert representation is essential to ensure you are maximizing your retail lease income.  We know the New York City neighborhoods and streets, and have more than a decade of experience helping landlords find tenants for their retail spaces, and have the strong connections you need to get the right tenant in your retail space.

Office Leasing

We help you find the right tenant for your office space.  New York City is the highest density market in the world, with over 400 million square feet of office space available. The market is volatile, with pricing and availability constantly in flux.  We help you navigate the ever-changing market.  Our expertise helps you make the most informed decisions to help you achieve your goals and get the right tenant for your office space.

Restaurant Space

The New York City restaurant world is always thriving, and it’s always in flux.  RES has experience helping people, from local operators to international franchises, with both acquisition and disposition of restaurant space.  We know the ins and outs of this unique market, and can help you lease or sell your restaurant space and get the best possible results.