Investment Sales

Investment Sales

RES has over a decade of experience working with investment property buyers and sellers throughout the New York City area. From entrepreneurial single building owners to large property owners with a portfolio of properties throughout the city, RES can accomplish your sale or purchase goals. RES always have our finger on the pulse of the local market.  We have deeper knowledge of the market and give your project more attention than large global firms.  We believe our hard work does not end when we sign you as a client.

RES provides investors:

  • Acquisition and disposition representation
  • Intimate market knowledge
  • Local market cycle analysis
  • Customized investment sales, acquisition and recapitalization services
  • Anticipation of and agile reaction to trends
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Creation and execution of recapitalization strategies
  • Structured debt assistance
  • Financial modeling
  • Value Add, Income Producing, and Financial Analysis

1031 Exchanges

The 1031 process can be a very tricky in a market where the caps are low along with the inventory.  Commercial property sellers seeking tax relief from capital gain taxes on the sale of their investment property can rely on RES and its relationships with Qualified Intermediaries. RES has successfully helped many owners through the 1031 process and we can help you navigate it successfully.

Commercial Condos

One of the unique assets in the NYC marked are the commercial condos in both the office and retail markets.  RES has a long track record of working with buyers and sellers in buying and selling commercial condos for investment and for end users.  We will help you to determine a market value based on the tricky market conditions for this asset based on variable that include geographic and building comparables to the different methods of financing such purchase including SBA backed loans for the end user which may be as much as 90% of the purchase price.  Let our years of experience in this arena help you to acquire or sell your commercial condo for the best possible price and the smoothest transaction.